Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Hamlin, J. K., & Tan, E. (2020). The emergence of moral responses and sensitivity. In L. Jensen (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Moral Development (pp. 267-287). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 📄

Manuscripts Under Review or in Preparation

Tan, E., Van de Vondervoort, J. W., Dhaliwal, J. , Aknin, L. B., & Hamlin, J. K. (in preparation). Sharing resources with others is emotionally rewarding for toddlers.

Zeytinoglu, S., Buzzell, G., Morales, S., Valadez, E., Tan, E., McSweeney, M., Degnan, K., Chronis-Tuscano, A., Hendeson, H., Pine, D. S., & Fox, N. A. (under review). A neurobehavioral mechanism linking parent personality and early temperament with social anxiety in young adulthood.